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Welcome to NSSWiki!
The official wiki of the Nationstates Sports Community.

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The Nationstates Sports Wiki is a site dedicated to cataloging the history and lore of the NationStates Sports Roleplaying community.
This is a great place to write articles about your nations, sports teams, tournaments, characters, and anything else related to NS Sports.

By default, articles are assumed to be in-character. You can write articles about out-of-character topics (ie, scorinators, discussing RPs as works of fiction) if you categorize/tag them appropriately.

If you need help, feel free to contact our administrators: Osarius, Farfadillis, Kelssek, Saint Eleanor and Zwangzug.
You can also request assistance in the NS Sports Discord server.

Feel free to import templates from Wikipedia if you need them. Just make sure to bring over the documentation too!

Please remember this is a community resource, so your edits can and will be built upon and changed by others. Please do not spam or vandalize others' contributions.

As always, Be Bold!