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The Situation at Miraheze


I’m Jordan, a regular Miraheze user. I am sorry for intruding into your wiki like this but I think as an important wiki you deserve to be informed as in all appearances the current Miraheze management is not being transparent about their actions. There are claims being made that the management is working hard but since they have taken over effective management in July there have been no concrete actions taken to incorporate Miraheze in the US and there has been a huge backlog of user tasks not being done as can be seen on Phabricator. My personal belief is that things will only get worse and lead to Miraheze’s collapse eventually as there is little interest in actually moving on and there are almost no volunteers left.

My recommendation is - after having independently checked out the situation of course - to find a new wiki host. Here are some you may wish to check out depending on your preferences:

Thank you for your attention. Jordan